Three easy ways to increase your website traffic

Every business owner would like their website to generate more business for them. But the process of improving your website to increase traffic and conversions can be daunting to the point where it's sometimes easier to just ignore the problem and work on other things in your business instead.

Yet it can be surprisingly easy to achieve better results from your website if you follow the following three steps. This isn't all you could do, but if you start with these basics then you'll be making a huge step in the right direction. 

1. Write more content

Search engines love reading your website. But there probably isn’t enough content on your website today. Make the search engines happy by giving them more!

If you think of your website as being like a net that “catches” visitors through search engines, then every page of new content you add makes that net bigger. And the bigger the net, the more visitors you’ll catch.

A Blog is a great way to do this without having to recycle the same marketing messages over and over again. A News section is another. Remember that most business owners hate the idea of adding new content to their website on a regular basis ("I don't have the time!", "I can't write!", "No one's interested!") which means that by doing just that, you're gaining a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

If you’re stuck for what to write, think about the questions your prospective customers ask you most often, and write blog posts that answer those questions. If they're asking you those questions, then chances are they're Googling them first. If your blog posts appear in search results when they do, then your website immediately gets more traffic. And don't shy away from the tough questions - answer them honestly and as transparently as you can - this helps establish credibility and trust - which are worth their weight in gold on the web.

I strongly recommend you download the free eBook from The writer expands on my comments here to provide a practical blogging strategy which, if followed, will drive more traffic to your site.

2.    Make sure your website visitors know what you are selling

A lot of websites aren’t very clear about their Unique Selling Proposition, i.e. the thing that they offer which no one else does.

Your website content should be written in such a way that your visitors are able quickly establish whether your business offers what they are looking for, and whether there is a definite reason why they should choose you.

Having got their attention, you should also ensure that every page has a call to action on it. A call to action explains to the visitor what you want them to do next, why they should do it, and makes it easy for them to take that step.

Remember that a lead generation website is just that – all you want is them to call or email you. Don’t put up a form with fifty questions for them to answer – they’ll run a mile. Instead, make it easy for them to make the first contact with you. Once you’ve established a relationship with them you can ask those questions.

3.    Ensure your website has got Google Analytics installed, and use it.

Google Analytics gives you incredible insight into the visitors coming to your website. It’s free and easy to integrate, yet many web developers don’t install it unless you ask them to. And even when they do, they don’t bother explaining what it is, how to access it or how to interpret the data.

Google Analytics will tell you things like:

  • How many visitors you website is getting (hour by hour, day by day, etc.)
  • How they found you
  • Which pages they landed on
  • How long they stayed and which other pages they looked at.

Knowing these things will help you with steps 1 and 2 above to make sure that your website gets better over time at generating more leads and business for you.

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