Abandoned Cart Remarketing

Abandoned Cart Remarketing (ACR) is where you target people who have started checkout in your online store, but left without making a purchase. An effective abandoned cart strategy can improve your online store's conversion rate by up to 25%.

We help our customers design and execute effective abandoned cart strategies to increase their online sales.

Here are some things to consider to make sure your remarketing implementation campaigns are successful :

  • How do you know whether a cart has been abandoned?
  • How long do you wait after someone has abandoned their cart before remarketing to them?
  • How many times should you follow up after the initial email?
  • How should you remarket to them - email? Online advertising?
  • How much should you personalise your remarketing messages for the individual customer?
  • How should your privacy policy change once you implement abandoned cart remarketing?
  • How do you measure sales achieved through remarketing?

If you are running an online store and you are not using abandoned cart remarketing, then talk to us today about how to implement it for your ecommerce store.

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