Testing to improve conversion rates

Is your digital marketing providing enough leads and sales? Is your digital investment producing a positive ROI?

For many businesses, the answer to both is often an emphatic no. Increasing your conversion rates is the answer. 

The secret to successful conversion optimisation is to test every change to see if it works. Keep what does, ditch what doesn't, and keep moving foward.

How we can help you increase your conversions

We take a data-driven approach to improving conversion rates. We know, from our own experience and the experience of the customers we work with, that personal bias, "gut feel" and expectations can play a big part in making bad decisions when trying to optimise a website.

You may be convinced that making all the headings in your website purple will result in more sales.

But how can you be sure?

Of course, you may be right. But, you could be wrong too. And until you have some data to support this theory, it remains just that - a theory.

We help businesses identify possible ways they could increase traffic and conversions through their digital marketing, and then help them design, implement and measure tests to confirm whether or not these changes actually work.

Common changes that can help improve your conversion rates include:

  • Different page layouts that make your key marketing messages easier to find.
  • More specific calls to action
  • Simplifying your website design
  • Changing colours and font size
  • Different titles in your marketing emails
  • Better optimisation of your on-site SEO to improve rankings and, therefore, traffic.
  • Use of more or better graphics in your social sharing and online advertising.

We look at all of these, and more. We start with your existing data, such as website traffic, conversion rates, email open rates, and social engagement, and identify areas for potential improvement. We work with you to come up with some simple tests to validate these hypotheses, and then implement those tests. Finally, we crunch the numbers to decide whether these changes made a significant difference.


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